Church Ministries & Group Meetings

We welcome and encourage all to participate in our group meetings

Our Ministries and Group meetings offer a place to connect with others. Small Group meetings also offers a place to get your questions answered, promote values and build friendships. Asking the pastor during weekly church services is not usually practical, so you may leave somewhat confused with not understanding, but still a little curious. When you are involved in a small group of other believers with varying backgrounds, chances are at least one other person in that group will be able to answer your specific questions helping you to better understand the bible and grow closer to God. As a group, you can interact and find answers to questions that you may have that cannot be answered in your regular Worship times.  

        Youth Group​

Our youth activities promote our values and help build lifelong friendships.Developing, and promoting youth activities is an important part of our church.

Here we will discuss what we are doing to assist in the growth of our youth.


​Women's Ministry​


​​The Women group aims to reach women, inside and outside the Church.






                   Bible Study

Check out what is going on in our Bible Study Program at Bear Valley Church of God of Prophecy. The primary ways we connect with God and others is through Small Group Bible Study.  We believe that every individual is on a journey towards the discovery of faith at whatever point you find yourself. We invite you to join us in making Christian education a vital part of your life’s path. We welcome everyone, no matter your age.


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